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Battery spring

Problems need to know in production of battery spring

The design of the battery spring must be safe, and the opening of the spring must be bent inward so as not to hurt your hands. Products are made to help customers solve problems, so safety comes first.

The electrical conductivity of the battery spring is better. The battery springs that are not strictly required can be made of carbon steel wire and then electroplated. And electroplating also needs to be plated with copper first and then with nickel. The salt spray test is required to be at least 5% for more than 24 hours. The product requires high conductivity, and the surface is plated with gold, silver, tin, etc. The spring material can also choose copper wire, of course, the elasticity of copper wire is not as good as that of carbon steel.

The structure of the spring should be reasonable, and the stability of the installation should be considered thoroughly. The center point of the spring contacting the battery should be aligned. The place where the spring touches the battery should not be too large. If it is too large, it is easy to connect the positive electrode and the negative electrode, causing a short circuit.

Attention should be paid to the packaging of battery springs after the production of battery springs. In order to facilitate production, the battery spring packaging of spring manufacturers must be convenient for production line production. Because the battery spring is mostly spiral, and there are many hooks. It is easy to interlock and be entangled and not easy to separate, which affects the production speed. Therefore, the construction uses a blister box for independent packaging or a small number of packaging.