Custom Steel Bracket Wire Forming Bending Spring Clip

We are outstanding in the production of difficult stainless steel and other metal stamping and stretching products. The wire forming hardware products produced by our factory are widely used in automobiles, machinery, refrigeration, ships, locomotives, aerospace, voice control, lighting, communications, gifts, electronics, toys, home, security, fishing gear, jewelry, photoelectric, electrical appliances, instrumentation, sensing military research and other fields.


Electrophoretic spring (8)
Electrophoretic spring (8)


1. Material: stainless steel wire, spring wire, iron wire, spring steel, carbon steel, round bar, etc.
2. Size: The machine can produce steel wire or round bar with a diameter of 0.1-30mm, and non-standard drawings or samples can be customized.
3. Surface treatment: electroplating, polishing, electrophoresis, plastic spraying, etc.
4. Minimum order quantity: unlimited, with an annual capacity of 10 million.
5. Processing machines: spring machine, spring press, CNC machine tool, punch, wire forming machine, argon arc welding, etc.
6. Use: handicrafts, toys, electronics, sports and fitness equipment, automobiles, kitchen and bathroom bracket hooks, hardware accessories, molds, daily necessities, fixtures, etc.


We use advanced wire bending machine for production. CNC wire forming machine adopts cam free design, with fast adjusting speed, high precision and good stability. The bending machine adopts Japanese Panasonic servo motor and German Ross reducer motor. The wire rack adopts electric support, which has high bearing capacity, more stable wire delivery and more convenient debugging. The industrial computer of the machine has a Chinese and English interface, which is easy to operate. A junior high school student without any operation experience can independently program and change money after only learning 4 hours.
With technical upgrading and complete functions, the machine can complete the technical difficulties that ordinary CNC wire bending machines and spring machines cannot complete. It is applicable to the production of metal wire forming, double tension springs, straight springs, special-shaped springs and auto parts, and other difficult handicraft bending.