In recent years, we have developed a variety of fully automatic computer compression spring machines, computer universal spring machines, cam-free computer universal spring machines, wire bending machines, wire straightening machines, plate and wire forming machines, CNC spring grinding machines, spring sorting Machine, spring pre-compression machine.
The use of these equipment not only improves the production efficiency of Xinsheng Spring, but also improves the consistency and pass rate of the products.
At the same time, we have also developed and operated spring-related metal bending machines, including but not limited to: three-dimensional CNC bending machines, two-dimensional hydraulic bending machines, roller brush bracket forming machines, barrel hook machines, and mechanical bending machines.
There are dozens of metal forming equipment such as buckle machine, forming machine, mechanical spring coiling machine and so on. Our various metal bending machines and computer spring forming machines form a complete spring and hardware accessories production line, which meets the related needs of rapid proofing, stable mass production and automated production.