0.06-12mm Wire Diameter Steel Wire Bracket Customization

Common materials: spring steel, manganese steel, piano wire, stainless steel. Unusual materials: tempered steel wire, brass wire, white copper wire, beryllium copper wire, tinned wire, phosphor copper wire, galvanized wire, flat wire.Surface treatment: white zinc, blue zinc, color zinc, black zinc, black oxide, black nickel, chromium, gold plating, copper plating, electrophoresis black, painting.


Custom Wire Brackets (8)
Custom Wire Brackets (8)


Specializing in designing, manufacturing and bending all kinds of metal springs, special-shaped springs, iron wires and steel wires. For example, stainless steel spring, lamp lighting spring, compression spring, tension spring, toy spring, handicraft spring, antenna spring, car spring, clip spring, electrical spring, key spring, remote control spring, bicycle spring, spring buckle, tension spring, double groove tension spring.
There are also turning parts, automatic lathe parts, CNC lathe parts, precision lathe parts, and metal handicrafts. Hook types include iron hook, stainless steel hook, threaded hook, question mark hook, magnet hook, suction cup hook, bulb hook, home hook, wall hook, wall hook, strap hook, webbing hook, triangle hook, cushion hook, double line hook, marine hook, car hook, etc


The hardware products produced by our factory are widely used in automobiles, machinery, refrigeration, ships, locomotives, aerospace, voice control, lighting, communications, gifts, electronics, toys, home, security, fishing gear, jewelry, photoelectric, electrical appliances, instrumentation, sensing military research and other fields.
We have strong production and processing capacity, stamping processing equipment, machining equipment, spring machines, computer spring machines, automatic lathes, hydraulic stretching machines, etc. to meet the needs of different production processes. We have also established many long-term and stable partners in product heat treatment, surface treatment and other aspects, and the quality conforms to international national standards.