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What are the functions of various elements in spring

We know that stainless steel hardware springs are more beautiful in appearance and corrosion resistant than ordinary springs. However, the main difference between stainless steel hardware springs and ordinary springs in terms of elasticity depends on the material composition of the spring. This also determines the price difference of stainless steel hardware springs.
The different elements added in the stainless steel hardware spring or the different element content in the material will affect the various properties of the stainless steel hardware spring. Stainless steel spring is based on iron, adding other elements, such as: carbon, chromium, nickel, manganese, nitrogen, copper, cobalt, etc., thereby increasing the steel, elasticity, high temperature resistance and other characteristics of stainless steel.

The use of “chromium” in stainless steel hardware springs is very important. (Each type of stainless steel will add different content of chromium elements). We all know that stainless steel is corrosion-resistant and not easy to be oxidized. This is how chromium plays a role in stainless steel springs. The effect is achieved, because it can passivate the iron, so as to achieve the effect of anti-corrosion.
The role of “carbon” in stainless steel springs is mainly to improve the strength and rigidity of stainless steel springs. However, in the use of carbon, the application of chromium must be considered, because carbon and chromium easily form chromium carbide, which affects the role of chromium in the stainless steel spring and reduces the corrosion resistance of the spring.
The role of “manganese” in stainless steel springs is mainly to improve stability. It can reduce the critical quenching speed of stainless steel and achieve the high temperature resistance of stainless steel springs.
The application of various elements in stainless steel springs has different effects. At the same time, when adding each element, the chemical reaction between the elements must also be considered in order to effectively improve the performance of the stainless steel spring.
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