Custom Services Steel Wire Forming Mobile phone holder

The wire forming hardware products produced by our factory are widely used in automobiles, machinery, refrigeration, ships, locomotives, aerospace, voice control, lighting, communications, gifts, electronics, toys, home, security, fishing gear, jewelry, photoelectric, electrical appliances, instrumentation, sensing military research and other fields.


steel wire bracket (7)
steel wire bracket (7)


Our CNC metal wire bending machine is specialized in producing various two-dimensional and three-dimensional metal bending parts, with high machine precision and stable production. It adopts Japanese brand servo motor and high-quality control system. The operation is convenient and fast.


1. During processing, the internal torsion of the machine can not be raised or lowered, while the external torsion can be raised or lowered separately to the left and right for processing. The wire rod can not be withdrawn from the bending slot, and the internal torsion can be used as a double-layer bending slot or a bending nail, which is faster and more stable.
2. The twist head can be offset from left to right as a whole. The internal torsion can be processed eccentrically, and the torsion spring can be processed. More and more flexible R angles can be used.
3. The cutter can move forward and backward. The cutter can move back and forth, so it is faster and more stable when processing short products. When processing long products, it has more space to retreat to the back, so that the products will not touch the cutter
4. 3-4 pairs of wire feeder are used, and the wire feeder motor is fixed on the bottom base to reduce the weight of the wire feeder box, so that the wire rotates faster, lighter, and the angle is more accurate and stable.