Customized stainless pipe clamp with cost performance

Generally, the materials of pipe clamps are mainly stainless steel and galvanized carbon steel, but we mainly accept customized pipe clamps in large quantities. The size, material and surface treatment of the clamp are all determined according to the customer’s needs. The maximum output can reach 10 million pieces a year.


Customized pipe clamp (5)
Customized pipe clamp (5)


1. The thermal conductivity of pipe clamp material is low.
2. The pipe clamp can withstand low temperature below – 163 ℃, and its properties are stable under high temperature.
3. The clip has high compression resistance and bending resistance.
4. The surface of the pipe clamp is smooth and bright, the force is uniform, and the wire is not slippery.
5. The surface coating of clip is made of excellent resin, with good strength and toughness, and no potential safety hazard.
6. The products are formed by high pressure, with various thicknesses and layers, which meet the requirements of various cold insulation temperatures.
7. Each component of the pipe clamp is solid and practical, with strong bearing capacity, and the integral forming structure is more stable and safe.
8. The on-site installation is fast, simple and safe, without changing the pipeline.
9. A variety of specifications are designed for the selection of technical and economic needs at all levels.


The company is specialized in machining and stamping of various metals. The company employs professional management personnel and technical teams to meet the needs of customers with professional and diversified products, and has developed into a supplier of many large companies by virtue of its strong logistics capabilities in the region.
For fasteners only, we mainly produce various standard and non-standard fasteners, mainly including pipe clamps, pipe clips, pipe brackets, pipe buckles, U-shaped pipe clips, horseback riding clamp, etc. At the same time, we also customize the R type cotter pin, B type cotter pin, closed pin, wave pin and other spring pins formed by round steel wire.