Custom Wire Forming Bracket SS Wire Forms for Industrial

Wire forming surface treatment: white zinc, blue zinc, color zinc, black zinc, black oxide black, black nickel, chromium, gold plating, copper plating, electrophoresis black, painting.


Custom Wire Forms (1)
Custom Wire Forms (1)


The wire bending parts are produced by the CNC bending machine, with accurate dimensions and are not easy to deform.
Wire forming parts are made of high-strength materials with high strength and good elasticity.
The overall texture of the bending parts is fine, not easy to wear, not easy to corrode, not easy to rust, and the use time is long.
The wire forming hardware has good performance and reliable quality standard after high temperature heat treatment.
The products are widely used in industrial fasteners, new energy industry of ship parts, petrochemical industry, fasteners for building decoration and electronic industry.


1. Xinsheng is a factory with more than ten years of experience. It produces metal wire forms from raw materials through machine customization.
2. We have a large number of conventional standard products in stock, and mass production reduces costs.
3. Our factory has advanced CNC spring machine and CNC wire bending machine, which can operate automatically in the whole process, with high efficiency and low cost.
4. We have long-term cooperation with multiple material suppliers to further reduce the cost of raw materials.
5. Our factory always adheres to the concept of small profits, quick turnover and win-win cooperation. Customer service and cost performance are our advantages.