Customized U-shaped flat 304 stainless steel pipe clamps

We are equipped with 2D and 3D CNC bending machines, hydraulic bending machines, mechanical bending machines, which can be subdivided into CNC bending machines, spring forming machines, buckle forming machines, handle forming machines, ring forming machines, etc. And can manufacture various metal metal parts with round wires, flat wires, square wires, and tubes as raw materials.


Customized pipe clamp (5)
Customized pipe clamp (5)


Pipe clips can be manufactured according to international standards, such as American, German, Japanese, British, French, Australian and other international standards, as well as non-standard customization.
The products are punched and shaped by our hydraulic bending machine at one time, very smooth and burr free.
The inner diameter of the pipe is accurate, which can be accurately customized based on the customer’s drawings to effectively install and compress the pipe.
Materials can be selected at will, such as carbon steel, 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, copper, etc. Please select according to the product use environment.
The customized pipe clamp can choose multiple surface treatment processes, such as electroplating, painting, chemical oxidation, thermal spraying and other physical and chemical methods.


The company is specialized in machining and stamping of various metals. The company employs professional management personnel and technical teams to meet the needs of customers with professional and diversified products, and has developed into a supplier of many large companies by virtue of its strong logistics capabilities in the region.
The company’s products, especially flat metal products, are widely used in the flexible management mechanism of light and heavy industry companies such as petroleum, chemical industry, bridge, textile printing and dyeing, mechanical hardware, medical treatment, decoration, shipbuilding, etc., a large number of professionals, advanced production equipment, perfect quality assurance, and the marketing network throughout the region, forming a sustainable and rapid development support system. At present, our metal wire forming products have been sold all over the world.