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Mold spring

Application and Various standards of Mold springs

Mold springs are widely used in stamping molds, metal die-casting molds, plastic molds, and other elastic motion precision mechanical equipment, automobiles and other fields. The material of die spring is generally chrome alloy steel. Chrome alloy spring steel has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high rigidity and long life.

Mold spring standards include: Japanese standard mold spring, European standard, German standard, American standard mold spring, polyurethane spring, usually mold spring refers to rectangular mold spring.
Rectangular mold spring has the characteristics of small size, good elasticity, high rigidity, high precision, rectangular production material, color spraying on the surface to distinguish different loads, and beautiful appearance.

The production standards of standardized mold springs are: ISO9001:2000, Japanese JIS, ISO10243, NAAMS (North American Automobile Metric Standard), and springs produced according to different standards are Japanese standard springs, American standard springs, European standard ISO10243, and German standard mold springs.

Metal spiral mold springs are widely used in molds, fixtures, industrial clutches, brake components and various mechanical components.
Classification of Japanese standard springs: DB brown mold springs for overweight load, green mold springs for heavy load DH, red mold springs for medium load DM, blue mold springs for light load DL, yellow mold springs for lighter load DF, etc.
International standard classification: SJL green mold spring, SJM blue mold spring, SJH red mold spring, SJB yellow mold spring, etc.