Customize All Kinds of Copper Helical Coil Antenna Spring

The spring antenna is also called the spiral antenna, which is a kind of spiral antenna.


The function of the antenna spring is to radiate and receive radio waves: when transmitting, convert high-frequency current into electromagnetic waves; when receiving, convert electromagnetic waves into high-frequency current. It plays a very important role in radio communication.

Spring antennas can be divided into nickel-plated, gold-plated, and copper spring antennas according to their materials. Generally, there are 315/490/868/915MHz spring antennas according to the frequency. Selection skills: When choosing a spring antenna, according to the actual project requirements, its size, length, gain, impedance, material, frequency, standing wave ratio and other parameters can meet the requirements.

antenna spring
antenna spring


Compared with other antennas, spring antennas are relatively low in cost, small in size, easy to install, have good standing wave ratio performance, and have good anti-vibration and anti-aging capabilities. Therefore, spring antennas are more and more widely used.


Spring antenna is a very common low-cost antenna, which is widely used in many electronic products. Whether it is lora and sub-1g frequency bands such as 433M, 470M, 915M, or mobile cellular network frequency bands such as NBIOT and GSM, spring antennas have been widely used.