Factory custom 0.1mm-1mm miniature compression spring

Xinsheng is specialized in wire bending industry, especially spring R&D and production. The company has a complete set of advanced production equipment and product testing equipment, such as CNC universal spring machine, automatic spring coiling machine, torsion spring machine, spring grinding machine, tempering furnace, straightening machine, etc.


Electrophoretic spring (8)
Electrophoretic spring (8)


Material modeling can be designed according to customer needs. We have more than ten years of experience in spring production. We have a team of professional engineers.
After the surface strengthening treatment, the surface structure of the customized spring improves the strength of the stress concentration point, so that the service life of the spring is longer.
The customized spring is subjected to three times of strong pressure treatment to eliminate the internal stress before use, and no spring deformation, shortening, fracture, etc. will occur again.
The service life is determined according to the stroke length and classification rate of the abrasive tool. P1 service life is 1 million times, P2 service life is 500000 times, P3 service life is 300000 times, and P4 service life is 150000 times.
Chrome plating, electrolysis, electrolytic wire drawing, nickel plating wire drawing sealing oil, PVD wire drawing, sub black plating, wire drawing gold, clean wire drawing and other surface treatments are optional.


By the end of 2021, Xinsheng has more than 1000 parts suppliers and serves more than 2000 customers. Customers are widely distributed in semiconductor, new energy, 3C, photovoltaic, LCD, automobile, medical, food, transportation accessories, engineering machinery, agricultural equipment, elevator accessories, electronic appliances, sports fitness equipment and other industries.