Custom Panel Lights LED Downlights Lamp Springs

Professional customization of all kinds of different sizes of lamp springs, general springs for downlights and ceiling lights.


The lamp spring is a torsion spring, which is also a kind of fastener. It is installed in the shaft groove or hole groove of various lamp fittings, and plays a role of preventing the axial movement of the parts on the shaft or hole. Our factory uses CNC spring machine to automatically produce all kinds of lamp springs. The production speed is fast and the precision is high.

lamp spring
lamp spring


The spring of the lamp is made of spring steel wire, and the surface is treated with hot electroplating nickel, or stainless steel. Refined and meticulous springs once again interpret high-quality fine craftsmanship. High-quality raw materials, good materials can make good products. Excellent craftsmanship, quality assurance, the durability of the spring comes from the excellent craftsmanship. The meticulous production of each link creates high spring toughness.


Lamp springs are widely used in LED downlights, ceiling lights, lighting accessories, ceiling aisle panel lights, etc.