Factory Stainless Precision Constant Force Spiral Springs

For scroll springs, we mainly design, produce and sell precision, high-end, various small and large flat scroll springs, constant force springs. The most commonly used are reel springs, take-up springs, balancer springs, starter springs, seat belt springs, etc.


thin spiral spring (6)
thin spiral spring (6)


1. We carry out strict quality inspection in every step from design to mass production of customized scroll springs, and conduct experiments and inspections through special equipment. During mass production, we will formulate special quality control documents based on the test results of the samples.
2. Our scroll spring R&D team provides customers with professional design solutions that meet the requirements through simulation software. At the same time, we focus on the performance of the key performance of the spring.
3. Before mass production of customized scroll springs, we provide customers with samples for testing, and communicate with customers to provide opinions on materials, dimensions, and design modifications.
4. We can produce molds and equipment for each scroll spring production line, which can meet the special needs of different application fields.


Constant force springs are springs that generate constant tension and are a type of scroll springs. They are typically used in wire take-ups, suction devices, vending machines, rolling shutter doors and windows, rice cookers, microwave ovens, etc. The constant force elastic is mainly used in the occasions where linear motion is required, and a constant tension is generated in the range of stretching and deformation. Constant force springs are wound from flat metal stock to form coil springs with different turns, widths, thicknesses, outer diameters and tensions. The scroll spring can be installed and fixed in a variety of ways, and can be partially or fully stretched, and there is no limit to the speed and acceleration of the stretch.