Stainless steel S-shaped spring production and processing

The serpentine spring is also known as the coupling spring. It relies on serpentine springs to transmit torque. The serpentine spring coupling is the most advanced shaft coupling transmission component in the international mechanical field today, and it is also a very versatile shaft coupling transmission component.


The serpentine spring is a part made of elastic material that deforms under the action of external force, and the one that returns to its original shape after removing the external force is also called a “spring”. The serpentine spring is flat, and when the round wire is hit, it sends a half arc, and when it comes out, it becomes a serpentine shape. Parts made by the elastic effect of materials, mechanical parts with elasticity, serpentine springs, one is elasticity and the other is tension, which has good damping effect, long life, high transmission efficiency, and convenient disassembly and assembly.

Snake spring (5)


Snake spring is an important part of the sofa structure, also called S spring, tension spring, because of its shape resembling the letter S, it has tensile properties. The snake spring is located on the sofa seat frame and is fixed with a snake spring buckle. It has the functions of good elasticity, long service life, and adjustable cushion arch. It has gradually replaced the traditional rubber strap as the seat bottom.


Snake springs are generally used in the furniture industry and in couplings. It is widely used in metallurgy, lifting, engineering transportation, mining, petroleum, shipbuilding, coal, rubber, shipbuilding and port machinery lifting equipment.