Manufacturer stainless steel multi-layer wave spring

Xinshengcheng Spring Factory processes and produces various types of wave springs, mechanical seal wave springs, and products are widely used in machinery, automobiles, electrical appliances and other industries. The wave spring reduces the spring height by 50% to save space, and has the same force value and deformation as ordinary coil springs.


Wave spring is abbreviated as wave spring, which is an elastic element with several peaks and valleys on a thin metal ring. It is usually used in occasions where the load and deformation are not large, and the spring stiffness is required to be small and the axial preload is required. Wave springs are particularly suitable for applications that require weight reduction and applications that are restricted by a small installation space.


(1) The rigidity range is large, the shock absorption capacity is strong, and the material per unit volume has a large deformation capacity.
(2) It has the characteristics of variable stiffness. The stiffness can be corrected by changing the different combinations of height, width and thickness of the wave crest. The stiffness can also be adjusted by the number of combined pieces.
(3) Compared with the disc spring, it has the advantages of high strength, good flexibility, and strong impact resistance.
(4) The size of the structure is compact, and under the same parameters, the installation space is small.

Wave spring (6)


Typical application areas include: automotive, electronic appliances, safety seats, medical equipment, aerospace, precision machinery, hydraulic seals and high-end motors.