OEM Forklift Clutch Return Spring Brake Pedal Tension Spring

The extension spring is a helical spring that bears the axial tension, and the extension spring is generally made of circular section material. When not under load, the coils of the tension spring are generally tight and there is no gap between the coils.


Clutch tension spring (6)
Clutch tension spring (6)
Clutch tension spring (7)
Clutch tension spring (7)


1. The raw material of the custom-made tension spring is stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, bending-resistant and has good elasticity.
2. The customized tension spring is produced through multiple processes, the process is strictly controlled, the surface is smooth, and there is no burr.
3. There are no trachoma and black spots on the surface of the spring, with delicate details and good texture, which is convenient for enhancing work efficiency.
4. The hook of the tension spring is treated with high temperature, and the surface is smooth and evenly stressed.
5. The hook shapes of the tension spring include: middle hook, half-round hook, side round hook, square hook, rotatable round hook, side hook, German hook, middle round hook, triangle hook, and inclined round hook.


The tension springs we produce have a high degree of flexibility and precision, our tension springs can be used in almost all industrial fields, such as defense, marine, computer, electronics, automotive, mold, medical, aerospace, railway, power station , construction machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, elevators and other fields. The tension spring manufacturer has passed the IS9001 quality system certification, and the spring testing equipment is complete, such as: torsion testing machine, compression tension testing machine, salt spray testing machine, life testing machine, etc.