Custom Large Wire Diameter Mechanical Compression Spring

Compression springs are available in many different materials and designs for different environments and applications. We can achieve almost infinite variety of compression springs by adjusting the outer diameter, wire diameter, length and pitch of the spring. Our standard compression springs have wire diameters ranging from 0.2mm to 3mm, and custom compression springs have wire diameters ranging from 0.08mm to 8.00mm.


CNC spring making machine
CNC spring making machine


1. The stainless steel compression spring has good elasticity, strong fatigue resistance and good corrosion resistance
2. The spring steel compression spring is wear-resistant and durable, with smooth surface, good elasticity and strong fatigue resistance.
3. The difference between stainless steel springs and spring steel springs: stainless steel is rust-proof, soft, suitable for low-strength elastic applications, and has weaker lasting elasticity. The spring steel is not rust-proof, and the material is hard. It is suitable for high-strength elastic applications and has a long-lasting elasticity.
4. We can apply various surface treatments to the compression spring to make the surface of the spring firm, improve its elasticity and prolong its service life.


Customized compression springs are widely used and are suitable for common types of hardware, bicycles, electric vehicles, motorcycles, automobiles, ships, valves, electrical appliances, switches, toys, electronic switches, auto parts and other industries. They are also suitable for food, Packaging, medical equipment, environmental protection, aerospace, etc. Our factory has passed the IS9001 quality system certification, and the compression spring testing equipment is complete, such as: projector, torsion testing machine, compression tension testing machine, salt spray testing machine, life testing machine, etc. The yield rate is controlled above 99.8%.