Custom Stainless Steel 301 Power Spring Spiral Springs

Spiral spring is also called power spring. When the wire is pulled out, the shaft and the mainspring can rotate relative to each other, and the mainspring will be wound on the shaft and store kinetic energy. When the external force disappears, the mainspring will generate torque to drive the power shaft, so that the wire can be retracted into the box.


Spiral springs (7)
Spiral springs (7)


The spring has been treated with special edging for mainspring, and the surface of the finished product has no burrs.
Made of high-quality SUS301 stainless steel, the spring force is stable. If the manganese steel material is used, the finished product is more cost-effective.
Professional manufacturer, short delivery cycle, fast delivery, worry-free after-sales.


The power spring has a retractable function and is mounted on a gravity dissipator between the harness and the anchor point inside the fall arrest device. The function of the power spring in the anti-fall device is to keep the steel cable in a tight state forever, to avoid the steel cable from entanglement, so as to ensure the safety of the workers.
The car seat belt is also embedded with a power spring. Its application principle is the same as that of the anti-fall device, which can prevent the seat belt from being entangled when it is pulled out and retracted, and affect the locking function to ensure the safety of passengers.