Custom Large Thick Wire Smooth Paper Clip Bookmark

Our company produces all kinds of paper clips, mainly producing conventional plastic-coated wire paper clips and electroplating paper clips. We can also design and produce various paper clips according to user’s requirements or images, including: animal paper clips, plant paper clips, transportation paper clips, household paper clips, musical note paper clips and so on. Product packaging includes bulk, box, pot, opp bag, suction card packaging, etc., which can be packaged according to customer requirements


large paper clip (1)
large paper clip (1)


1. There are multiple paper clip production machines and an automatic packaging line, which can achieve delivery in a short time.
2. The sample will be confirmed before the paper clip is produced, and there will be a quality inspection before shipment.
3. We have a design team, if you don’t know about paper clip design, you can send us pictures and we will design for you for free.
4. We have produced many paper clips, and many kinds of special-shaped paper clips are in stock. For paper clips that are not in stock, our machines are ready to design and produce. It is also optional for plastic coated steel wire or electroplated steel wire.


The paper clip can be used for reading books, it can be firmly clamped on the inner pages of the book, it is not easy to fall off, and it is convenient for marking when reading. Regular or irregular shapes and sizes can be produced, and there are advertising spaces on both sides, which can promote and improve corporate reputation. Custom paper clips are novel and unique in design and can also be used as decorations. It is very suitable for use as promotional items in bookstores, stationery stores, school advertisements, etc.