Custom Gold-plated Conductive Electrical Contact Spring Clips

We are focusing on the production of various types of compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs, buckle springs, circlip springs, constant force springs and other special-shaped springs. We have professional and technical personnel, mainly processing and manufacturing drawings and samples, providing spring products with high strength, high precision and high stability that meet your requirements.


Electrical Contacts (4)
Electrical Contacts (4)


Electrical contact pieces are an important part of electrical products. They have high hardness, stainless steel or copper, and will not release toxic substances. Therefore, The contact pieces electrical appliances should have the characteristics of strong conductivity, high elasticity, and not easy to be corroded and rusted.
Electrical contact pieces based on stamping processing have the advantages of stable size, light weight, good rigidity, high surface quality and precision. For the factory, the production process is simpler, easy to realize automation, high production efficiency, suitable for mass production, and lower cost.
Customized electrical contact pieces are widely used in motion control, medical mobile equipment, hand tools, home care equipment, shock absorption, mechanical and electronic protective hardware, fluid control valve mechanical aerospace components, actuators, switchgear machines, meters.


In our production process, the first piece inspection is necessary, mainly to prevent batches of poor quality products. It is a means to control the production process in advance, an important method of product process quality control, and an indispensable method for us to ensure the quality of flat springs. Through the first piece inspection, it can be found that such as poor accuracy of spring clip measurement, wrong drawings, wrong materials, etc., so as to take corrective measures to prevent the occurrence of batch nonconforming products.