Stainless Steel Plated D-ring Customized With Spot Welding

1. The D buckle is of good quality and favorable price.
2. D-ring plating color can be arranged according to customer requirements.
3. D-ring can be customized according to customer requirements.
4. D-ring packaging can be arranged according to the special requirements, such as independent packaging, sticking protective film, etc.


The manufacture of D-ring is made of metal material, which is anti-oxidation, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and durable.
The mold of the D-ring is finely crafted, with a natural edge and a smooth feel.
The D ring can be polished in multiple layers, and the electroplated surface is finely ground and polished, which is long-term wear-resistant and not easy to fade.
D ring can be customized according to customer needs, to meet any size requirements, different colors, different processes.


D-ring spec
D-ring spec


Mainly used in curtains, handbags, dog pens, clothes buttons, tents, belts, documents, etc. There are a variety of plating colors, such as pure gold, rose gold, light gold, chrome color, iron black, antique bronze, dumb iron black, dumb gold, nickel-plated gold, imitation nickel, nickel-plated iron black, plated nickel light gold, white and blue patina, etc.