Custom Galvanized Steel Sheet PP Packing Strapping Clips

PP strapping clips are widely used for binding and fixing products of brick, wood, metal, paper, goods, construction, stone, textile, hardware, furniture, wooden box, steel, stone, steel wire, welding, aluminum ingot, zinc ingot packaging and other industries.


PP strapping clip (1)
PP strapping clip (1)


1. PP strapping clip is made of high-quality material, made of steel sheet and galvanized on the surface, which can prevent rusting in a certain environment.
2. The appearance of strapping clip is beautiful, corrosion-resistant and has good ductility. The plate surface is flat, galvanized evenly, and the color is bright and beautiful.
3. The clamping force of strapping seal is strong, the overall smooth surface is free of paint, and it is not easy to slip. The effect is excellent when used with the packing belt.
4. The customized strapping seal is widely used and suitable for general PP packing in the market. It is used with PP packing strap below 2.0mm.


1. We have our own production and assembly workshop for PP strap and PP strapping clips, with complete equipment and exquisite technology.
2. There is a professional technical team, able to design and customize packing belt clips, professional after-sales service personnel and strict quality control system.
3. All raw materials used for the packing belt clamp are strictly selected for quality, only to provide higher quality strapping clips
4. We have many years of experience in the production and processing of packing strap clips. We cooperate with many service providers. Packing belt clips support special customization and mass production.