Factory customized production of stainless wire bracket

Our main production equipment includes CNC spring machine, 520 computer spring machine, CNC spring compression machine, CNC torsion spring machine, CNC spring tension machine, mechanical spring compression machine, hydraulic bending machine, 3D bending machine, buckling machine, dynamometer, high-temperature tempering furnace, etc.


stainless wire bending (1)
stainless wire bending (1)


The metal support is made of oval steel wire, which is fatigue resistant, high hardness, corrosion resistant, elastic, stable, not easy to corrode, not easy to rust, and has strong oxidation resistance in humid environment.
The appearance of the support is free of sand holes and black spots, and the surface is smooth without burrs. It has high hardness and wear resistance. It has experienced more than 23 million fatigue tests with ultra-high tensile strength.
The tolerance of finished products is small, and it is completed based on customer drawings. The specification, size, thickness, shape and size can be customized flexibly.
In order to avoid product shortening, breakage and other phenomena, and the process is mature, we strictly control each process to provide customers with excellent products.
The main processing procedures are spring bending, heat treatment, spring end grinding, spring polishing and strengthening, low temperature tempering and rust prevention.


The factory has many spring manufacturing technology experts, who can customize and produce various precision springs, special-shaped and difficult springs for customers. At the same time, we provide customers with various high-quality and cost-effective spring solutions, such as pressure spring, tension spring, torsion spring, mold spring, rectangular spring, suspension spring and various stainless steel springs. We also provide all kinds of pins, hooks and metal brackets. The products are widely used in industrial fasteners, ship parts, new energy industry, petrochemical industry, fasteners for building decoration, and electronic industry.