Customized 3D Stainless Steel Wire Bracket Forming Bending

The production of steel wire brackets is made of high-quality materials, which can achieve smooth surface, reliable hardness and toughness, and stable structure, which can almost meet the customized needs of all customers. Secondly, the bracket is uniformly stressed, has strong pressure resistance, is not easy to deform, is not easy to shorten and break, and can undergo various tests as required, and is suitable for various industries or equipment.


wire bending
wire bending


1. Material: stainless steel wire, iron wire, iron wire, copper wire, spring wire, spring wire, carbon steel wire, etc.
2. Category: steel wire bending, iron wire bending, stainless steel wire bending, spring forming, stainless steel wire hoop, steel wire clamp, double wire hoop, R pin, flat plate hook bracket, hook, spray hanger.
3. Size: wire diameter 0.08-12.0MM, can be customized.
4. Surface: It can be customized according to different needs, such as zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, etc., or baking paint or plastic coating, etc.


Handicrafts, toys, electronics, sports and fitness equipment, automobiles, hardware accessories, decoration, multi-functional pendants, kitchen accessories, home bathroom accessories, molds, fixtures, etc.