Customized Processing Services For Wire Bending Forming Parts

Our factory has 10 years of experience in wire bending and forming processing services, and has won the trust of many customers with a good reputation.


Metal wire processing and bending services, according to customer needs, drawings, samples, stainless steel, iron wire and other wire can be straightened, calendered, cut, bent, and processed into the hardware you need. It can be processed into plane or three-dimensional shape. We have many production equipment such as three-dimensional CNC wire bending machines, multi-axis CNC turning forming machines, and CNC spring machines.

wire bending
wire bending


Order in small quantities, more user-friendly. 3 days proofing, fast speed and high quality. The monthly output is large and the production capacity is strong. Various specifications and complete craftsmanship.


Customized supermarket shelf accessories, supermarket shelf pendants, kitchen and bathroom hardware accessories, tableware storage baskets, cauldron handles, wine storage racks, furniture seat accessories, car wire accessories, car exhaust pipe hooks, car seat wire brackets, can be processed Car seat pillow bars, daily hardware accessories, fan nets, toolbox locks, garden tool accessories, etc.