Custom Stainless Steel Galvanized Spring Wire Pipe Clamp

Heavy duty zinc plated steel loop spring band type squeeze fuel hose clips self clamping double wire hose clamp.


The pipe clamp is a spring clamp fastener, also called a clamp spring hose clamp. Xinsheng Factory is a manufacturer that can customize pipe clamps. We use multiple CNC spring machines to complete automated production. In addition to pipe clamps, our factory can also customize various wire bending forming metal clamps and spring clamps.

pipe clip
pipe clip


pipe clamp customization process: According to the drawings or samples provided by the customer, it is customized according to the material, size and surface treatment requirements of the customer. Generally use stainless steel, spring steel, 65MN steel. The surface treatment process is divided into color zinc plating or blue and white zinc plating. The two turns of the spring clip are tight and not easy to loosen and deform.


Pipe clamps are widely used in the connection of fuel pipes, washing machine outlet pipes, purifier hoses, faucet hoses, rubber hoses and other pipe connections.