Custom High Strength 32-50mm Black Binder Clips

Customized binder clips are available in a variety of color combinations and sizes, which can meet different needs and easily cope with the sorting and classification of various documents. Thebinder clip is made of high-strength metal material, and the surface is painted with paint, which has a long service life and is not easy to rust.


custom binder clips (5)
custom binder clips (5)


1. The handle of the customized binder clip is lengthened, which is easy to press, flexible to open and close, wide to open and close, and easy to operate.
2. The binder clip has an enlarged size design, which can clamp objects of various thicknesses. It will not relax after long-term use and has a long service life.
3. The handle of binder clip is circular arc design, which makes it easy to hang objects. The binder clip is thickened and widened, with relatively strong bearing capacity, which is convenient for more use scenarios.
4. The binder clip is made of high-quality steel material and high-quality surface treatment process, which is corrosion-resistant, not easy to rust and durable.
5. The edge of the opening of binder clip is round and smooth, which can clamp objects and scratch them without hurting hands. The clamp surface shall be smooth and flat without burr and scratch.


1. The binder clip can be widely used in the office to collect messy information, and it can also classify the information, making the work easier and improving the work efficiency.
2. The binder clip can be used to organize the heavy test papers and messy learning materials of various subjects in the school. With it, the classification and storage are more tidy, allowing you to easily find what you want in the pile of materials.
3. The binder clip can be used in family life. When we find interesting things or pictures in life, we can collect them and share them with our family in our spare time.