Custom Creative Metal Paper Clip Christmas Gift Box Set

The paper clip is made of electroplated steel wire material, which is durable, bright in color, simple and elegant in shape, and strong in practicability. Creative custom paper clips can be used in various scenarios such as data classification, office management, document classification, etc., making your office or study more efficient and colorful.


Christmas paper clip (5)


1. Customers provide drawings or pictures of custom paper clips to illustrate the needs, and we can also provide design drawings.
2. When the design drawing of the custom paper clip is no problem, if it is a large order, the customer pays the sample fee, we make the sample and send it to the customer.
3. After the samples of custom paper clips are confirmed, we sign a bulk production contract with the customer, and our company will arrange bulk production after the customer pays the deposit.
4. After bulk production of custom paper clips is completed, take photos or send samples of the bulk to the customer for confirmation, or the customer can inspect the goods in person.
5. After paying the balance, our company will arrange delivery.


1. Use creative paper clips as small gifts, and send a box of creative paper clips between colleagues or classmates at the right time, which is very creative.
2. Use creative paper clips as bookmarks, and use various creative shapes to adjust your reading mood.
3. Use creative paper clips as DIY accessories, and attach a creative paper clip to your personal DIY work to make it unique.
4. Use the creative paper clip as a greeting card decoration. On your greeting card, pin a creative paper clip, and your greeting card will be unique.
5. Use creative paper clips as office supplies, use them in office situations, embellish your documents, and make people refreshing.
6. Use creative paper clips as advertising promotional items, corporate publicity, local tourist souvenirs, etc.