Custom Phosphor Bronze Battery Contact Springs

We focus on the production of special springs, contacts, buckles and brackets in toys, electronics, home appliances and other industries. The factory has independent and perfect continuous mold manufacturing equipment, with fast production capacity, stable product quality and fine processing.



1. We choose excellent and trustworthy materials, such as brass, bronze, phosphor bronze, cold-rolled strip steel, ammonium copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, etc.
2. Support the customized production of battery contact sheets of various specifications, according to the drawings or physical samples provided by you, with fine workmanship and high quality.
3. Can provide the use of the contact piece you need, we will help you analyze whether the material and structure are reasonable, and recommend the best solution for you.
4. The same price, we have the best quality, the same quality, we have the best price.


Widely used in electronic toys, battery boxes, telephones, chargers, remote control game consoles, computers and other industries, complete specifications, affordable prices. The battery contact sheet is produced in strict accordance with the factory’s internal control standards and conforms to SGS, REACH environmental certification. We choose high-quality stainless steel or copper material, which has good conductivity and elasticity.