Factory mass production of creative pen point paper clips

TThrough our efforts, we have successfully developed a new type of stationery with novel style and lovely appearance, creative paper clips. Creative paper clips are made of various materials, bright colors, vivid shapes, which are both practical and beautiful, and have definite collection value, completely breaking the monotonous image of traditional paper clips.


A paper clip is a piece of paper made by bending a metal wire back and forth. The paperclip seems to be the simplest of all inventions. It is nothing more than a small piece of bent wire with paper. But the paperclip went through many repeated designs before it was made into the shape we use today.

musical note paper clip (8)
musical note paper clip (8)


The paper clip seems to be the simplest of all inventions. It is just a small piece of bent wire with paper clips. But the paper clip has been repeatedly designed before it is made into the shape we use today. After a long period of development and production, we have dozens of fully automatic CNC metal wire forming production equipment and metal stamping production line, so we can design and produce paper clips of any shape according to the drawings or requirements of customers.


Paper clips are very common in offices. In addition to being used to clip files, it was also used to make door curtains in early years. In fact, in addition to being able to clip files, the paper clip has many uses after a little modification.
When you need to pause when reading, just take out a paper clip to fix the page as a mark and it can be used as a bookmark.
When you travel outside with your backpack, you sometimes worry that the zipper of your backpack will be pulled open. Buckle the two zippers of your backpack together with a paper clip to prevent the zipper of your backpack from being opened without knowing it.
When the zipper fastener is broken, or it is too small to use, put a paper clip on it. It will be very convenient to use this method to pull the zipper.