Custom Creative Colorful Musical Special-shaped Paper Clip

We specialize in the production of paper clips, advertising bookmarks, long tail clips, wrought iron note clips, receipt holders, metal business card holders, stainless steel bookmarks, metal hooks, special-shaped springs, pipe clips, clamps, etc. The company has nearly 10 years of production experience. Affordable price, quality guaranteed.


A paper clip is a piece of paper made by bending a metal wire back and forth. The paperclip seems to be the simplest of all inventions. It is nothing more than a small piece of bent wire with paper. But the paperclip went through many repeated designs before it was made into the shape we use today.

musical note paper clip (8)
musical note paper clip (8)


1. The shape of the paper clip is cute and lifelike, and the customer’s own shape can be customized, including size, color and material.
2. You can specify the packaging that guests like.
3. The materials used in the product are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, in line with the EU export standard.
4. Beautiful paper clips bring users a relaxed and pleasant learning or office atmosphere.
5. Paper clips are mainly used for office stationery peripherals and notebook supporting products, stationery gifts.


1. Part of the custom paper clips are made of iron wire or carbon steel. The surface treatment includes PVC plastic coating, PET plastic coating, electroplating nickel, color electroplating, baking paint, etc. It is environmentally friendly and can pass the European and American environmental protection test EN71 standards.
2. The size of the custom paper clip can be customized, which needs to be determined according to the demand and the production capacity of the machine. And for the shape only you can’t think of, there is nothing we can’t do.
3. Original documents such as AI/CDR/PDF should be provided for the design draft of custom paper clips. If there is no original design, clear pictures should be provided.
4. The conventional packaging of paper clips includes paper card sets, color boxes, PP boxes, PS plastic boxes, iron boxes, push-pull boxes, etc.