Factory Customized 0.03-10mm Oversized Scroll Spring

We can produce various types of high precision springs, spiral spring, extension springs, torsion springs, compression springs, anisotropic reeds, shrapnel, clockwork, hardware and other accessories from 0.08mm to 12mm wire diameter, and we can design and manufacture them according to customers’ requirements.


big Spiral spring (6)
big Spiral spring (6)


Spiral spring surface treatment process: white zinc plating, blue zinc plating, color zinc plating, black zinc plating, black oxide, nickel, black nickel, chromium plating, gold plating, silver plating, electrophoretic black, Dacromet (salt spray test for more than 500 hours).
Spiral spring materials: stainless steel, spring steel, carbon steel, piano steel, phosphor bronze.
Spiral spring production equipment: CNC automatic computer forming spring machine and computer testing equipment, computer spring machine, computer spring, computer compression spring machine, computer torsion spring machine, ordinary compression spring machine, button punching machine, force measuring instrument, high temperature tempering furnace.


The Spiral spring is a coil-shaped spring made of a steel strip material. In different industries, the scroll spring is also called differently. Now there are many different springs that are called scroll springs. For example, a take-up spring is also called a scroll spring, which is based on the shape of the spring. Products are mainly used in various electrical appliances, electronic products, computers, communications, toys, lighting, curtains, shelves, instrumentation equipment, mechanical equipment, automobile and motorcycle accessories, construction and installation and other industries.