Custom Galvanized R-shaped Pin Stainless Steel Spring Pin

R-type pin, also known as cotter pin as a mechanical part, is mainly used to prevent loosening after threaded connection. After the nut is tightened, insert the cotter pin into the hole at the tail of the bolt, and pull the end of the cotter pin open to prevent the relative rotation of the nut and the bolt. Cotter pin is a kind of metal hardware, commonly known as spring pin.


R-shaped pin (6)
R-shaped pin (6)


1. Material of R pin: stainless steel wire, spring wire, iron wire, spring steel, carbon steel, etc.
2. Size of R-type pins: The machine can produce pins with a wire diameter of 0.5-8mm, and customers can provide drawings or samples for customization.
3. Surface treatment of R-type pins: electroplating, degreasing, etc.
4. Minimum order quantity: unlimited quantity, annual production capacity is 10 million.
5. Processing machines: spring machines, CNC lathes, CNC machine tools, punching machines, argon arc welding, drilling machines, thread rolling machines, etc.
6. The use of R-type pins: handicrafts, toys, electronics, hardware accessories, molds, fixtures, fasteners, etc.


1. The material selection of cotter pin is strict, it is not easy to wear, and the use time is long.
2. The process of cotter pin is rigorous, the structure is stable, there is no burr after polishing, the force is uniform, and the surface is smooth.
3. The quality of the split pin is firm, the processing is delicate, and the appearance is beautiful.
4. The cotter pins are produced in line with industry standards, with various conventional specifications, and can also be customized according to customer needs.